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Graduate Gift Details

I know y’all are busy planning parties, and family gatherings, and so many details as graduation approaches.  Perhaps you’ve been meaning to make a baby book for years, and never got around to it. Well, it’s not too late!  I am happy to make a book and a slideshow for your senior.

This is a new service I’m offering for a handful of 2024 high school graduates, and is offered through word of mouth.  I am currently staying home with our two foster babes, and would love to be able to use my skill set and evenings to take some priceless to-do’s off of your plate.

How does it work?

You will create a Dropbox Folder with your favorite images and videos you’d like included in your slideshow and/or Heirloom Book.  Create New Folder as “Graduate’s First and Last Name”.  In this main folder, create folders by Year, e.g. 2006, 2007, 2008…2024.

I will then download these to my computer, creating the book first (if you choose to create both a slideshow and book), and will send you proof of book to be approved before I submit the order.

Do you I have Book Options?

Yes, the Heirloom Book included is an 8×8, but we can upgrade to another size if you like. 

You can also choose fabric style and color, as well as a title to be imprinted on the cover of the album.

Turn around time:

+Slideshow: 4 weeks from date you submit all images through Dropbox 

+Book: 4 weeks.  1 week for album creation, and 3 weeks for delivery of heirloom book

Rush Option: 2 week turn around time is $400

What is the cut off time to have the images to you?

April 10th, so I can have your slideshow and book to you by May 8th (giving us some cushion before graduation)

What if I’d like to include a special image from an awards ceremony at school, but that is after the cut off date?

That is fine.  Just send me one or two images to include in the final cut of the slideshow, but it will unfortunately not be able to be included in the book

How long will the slideshow be?

It depends.  I can make one up to 8 minutes long, but if you are showing a group of people at a party, I’d recommend under 4 minutes.  But if this is just a heirloom slideshow to have for your graduate and show his/her children in the future, 8 minutes will be great

How do I send video?

You can send 5-10 second video clips via Dropbox.  I will include up to 25 videos in the slideshow.

Do I get to choose songs to use for the slideshow?  

At this time, I have access to a small library of songs that have a copyright release. So unfortunately we likely won’t be able to choose your child’s most favorite song.  However, if they are a musician/singer, send me their mp4 file, and we can use it!

How do I play and share the final slideshow?

I will send you a link where you can watch, and download it from there.

Will the slideshow and album be in chronological order?

Sort of.  If you send a Dropbox link with your images categorized by year, I will do my best to keep them organized by year in the slideshow.  But I won’t necessarily know if your kiddos dance recital came before their piano recital so it may not be in exact chronological order.  If you want precise chronological order, there will be an additional charge, as that is very time consuming and tedious.

The album will have 20 spreads, one spread for each year they’ve been alive.  And the last spread(s), you can include words of encouragement or letters from their siblings, grandparents, parents, etc.

Can I make change requests to the slideshow or album?

Yes. I will send a link with the album, and you can make a handful of requested changes.

The same with the slideshow. I will send a link, and you can request small changes (like song change, and switching a few images around, etc.)

Do you have samples?

Yes. I’m happy to show quality of albums offered in person. This is a new service I am offering, so I don’t have exact samples of the a slideshow with 18 years of images, but I will create an amazing slideshow and book for you.

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