The Family Photoshoot Experience

Life is full of a bunch of phases and stages all strung together.  Some of those phases are joyful and rewarding, and others are painfully hard.  No matter what your family is experiencing right now, your story is worth telling.  I might not tell your story with words, but I’d love to help you tell it with images. I

love capturing families in the light of the golden hour, or should I say “golden minutes.”  The soft light and sunflare beautifully  captures  the way you engage with your little ones. Though I do get some posed portraiture, my focus is on those in-between moments: the way they look at you inquisitively, the curiosity in their face as they explore nature, the way their noses scrunch up when they giggle, or the way they fit on your hip right now.

The Experience:

I offer a custom, personalized photography experience.  That means it’s more than just getting your family to look at the camera and then receiving an email with all your digital images.  It’s the experience of enjoying your children: watching them run around, exploring creeks, telling jokes.  It’s you coming together to delight in one another and be present and engaged, like any other planned family activity.  A custom photography experience involves artistic portraiture, natural interactions, personalized service, and custom heirloom products to share with your children.

I’ve learned over the years, that sometimes planning a family photoshoot can be very stressful for the parents.  It can be overwhelming to thing about all that is involved: what to we wear, if your kiddos (ahem and other half) will participate with joyful hearts, and what to do with all the digital images after the session.  My hope is to alleviate this stress. This is supposed to be a beautiful, and positive experience.  I want you to show up to your session carefree and confident, and ready to have fun with your family. My goal is to walk alongside you from helping you plan what you will wear to hanging fine art images on your walls.  One of the ways I do this, is by offering an in-home pre-consultation with the goal of learning who you are as a family, your personalities, your hopes for the shoot, your style, and your vision for what you will do with your images.  All of these details will help me to plan your photoshoot and be intentional with what I capture.  

Custom photography may not be for everyone, and that’s okay.  But if any of this seems to meet your hope and vision for your family’s photography experience, then we might be a good fit for one another. Please feel free to contact me.

The Photoshoot Experience

*Session Planning

*Experiencing Your Personalized PHotoshoot

*REVEAL and Design appointment

*artwork Delivery

Session Planning1.

Our goal is to capture the every day beauty of your family, and to get the images displayed on your wall so you can enjoy them every day without having to scroll through a device to find them.

In order to have a great experience, I will come to your home for a pre-session consultation. This is a great time for us to get to know one another and we begin planning your session. We begin with the end in mind. You will be able to show me the different walls where you envision displaying your art. And this also allows me to get to see the style of your home-which will help us to plan your session and your wardrobe, because we want your artwork to feel as if it was always there.

For newborn sessions we discuss the newborn images you are drawn to, and the features of your babe you want to remember forever. For family sessions we talk about your kiddos' personalities, the phases they are in right now, your favorites parts of their spunky personalities, and the little quirks that make them their awesome selves.

Your Personalized

Whether you have just welcomed you first newborn, or we are capturing your toddlers or teenagers, your experience matters. It is my goal to make you feel beautiful, seen and known. No matter what hoops or hurdles you had to jump through prior to your session, I want your experience to be positive and light-hearted. So that when you look back on these moments we documented, you remember how beautiful you felt. How present you were able to be with your kiddos. The joy and laughter experienced as you skipped rocks or picked flower. Or that moment your newborn revealed her first (gassy) grin.

Reveal and Design

After a couple of weeks, your images will be ready! We can schedule an in-person or virtual reveal session. During this time, you will grab a box of tissues, and sit back and relax as we relive the photoshoot experience through a slideshow. You will then select those images that are must-haves for your wall, and those hilarious outtakes that will be perfect for the album (and great for later embarrassment down the road).

Remember how you've intended to print your wedding album, or print pictures of your first baby? But then life got in the way, and here we are years later, and you still don't know what to do with those digitals? Don't worry, that won't be your experience with SJP. We will guide you every step of the way and you will leave knowing exactly what art you will be displaying on your wall. And on those rough days, the moments we captured-those stolen glances, mischievous eyes, and belly laughter will ground you-reminding you that you are doing a great job Mama (and Dada).


And side note: We can even create a beautiful design incorporating the other photos that you've intended to hang and haven't gotten around to (from your wedding, your first child's newborn pictures, etc.)

Artwork Delivery!4.

HOORAY! The day finally arrives and all your hand-crafted heirloom art has been delivered to us. We will inspect it to make sure it is perfect. And then we will hand-deliver it to you! Yes, we will bring it to your door, because we believe it is too valuable to be tossed in the mail.


Our heirloom art is hand-crafted by various artisans. And it comes with a lifetime guarantee. So if your images ever fade, warp or turn yellow, we will replace them! We believe these pieces of art are heirlooms and should be treasured, enjoyed daily and passed down for generations. We only work with small, hand-crafted vendors, rather than high volume, fast labs.


Which also means that what we offer cannot be found at other print labs, and are unique to the small vendors we work with. We offer hand-crafted frames, heirloom albums, prints, canvases and prints adhered to wood.

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