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I don’t know if you are anything like me, but sometimes I have wonderful ideas, and I just sit on them.  Maybe this is part of being an Enneagram 9.  I can get overwhelmed by steps and then postpone and delay great ideas in order to focus on the things that create a great experience for my clients.  A girl can only do so much. Can I get an AMEN from the other solo-entrepreneurs? I’m grateful to be entrusted with much, but sometimes I’d just like to take pictures and not do any of the behind the scenes things. ????????‍♀️

I had this idea of filming a session to create a little behind the scenes video, so folks can get a little glimpse into the simplicity and fun of a family photoshoot.  Great idea, right? Well, I did this session in July, and didn’t even edit the promo film until September. And now I’m sharing it at the end of October. Great timing Stefanie.

I’m wondering if it’s time to hire an assistant who can help me take care of the business side of things, so I can just have all the fun, like do photoshoots, create films, and craft heirloom wall art for families.  I prioritize my client experience and totally neglect marketing.  Whoops.

Send a girl some help for that marketing on social media, tracking expenses, paying bills, backing up files, troubleshooting website mishaps, and all the other tedious business management.  I don’t have to do it all, right?  If you know someone who would be great at this, send them my way! But seriously.  This should be a 2021 goal of mine.


And this behind the scenes film is only from the second portion of the photoshoot!  Goodness, I love my job.  I get to create memories with families that will last a lifetime, and be shared and appreciated for generations. What an honor.

There are a bazillion things I love about being a photographer.  I love being present with families, and seeing the way they interact and love up on each other.  I love creating new experiences with them. I love that I get to help prevent them from being digital image hoarders, feverishly sifting through their phones and hard drives to look at their images.  And I have the honor of creating art for them that they can see on their walls DAILY.  I think we underestimate the joy and peace we get from seeing our favorite people on the wall every day.  And food for thought: are we really going to be scrolling through our devices in 20 years showing our babies and their babies pictures??  ummmmmm, I currently have more 21,769 images on my PHONE. My phone!  I’m embarrassed y’all.  And truth be told, I don’t want to go through them all and organize them. Hence why I’m collecting images on my phone. Random screenshots included.  I don’t know about you, but I want to show my grown kiddos and grand babies physical, tangible images: albums,  printed pictures and wall art.  I digress. Thank you for going down a rabbit hole with me.

Y’all, and I have standards.  I do not like ordering prints and albums from high volume printing companies (for professional photographers or otherwise).  I love working with artisans who are HAND-CRAFTING art.  Prints are quickly printed on a conveyor belt with thousands of other images a day.  No, I send these beauties to be printed on the best of the best and its the utmost care.  You should see these pieces of art in person.  They really are impressive.  I still can’t get over how beautiful they are every time I receive them in the mail. And guess what, because I offer handcrafted art, and BELIEVE in the HEIRLOOM quality, I get to extend a lifetime guarantee to clients.  So if the images ever warp, fade, or turn yellow (which they likely won’t), I will replace it!

I love everything about this crew!  They are as joyful and fun as they seem.  And let’s be real, when you have two toddlers, photoshoots can only be directed and not “controlled”.  I try to get a few “posed” shots in the beginning of a session, and then I just enjoy capturing real life.  Kiddos exploring. Finding sticks. Eating dirt. Showing Mom their discoveries, etc.  Watching a family grow is such an honor for me, and brings me great joy to capture them in different seasons.When your shirt gets saturated, it’s time to show off the muscles.

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